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Tips for Writing a Mission Statement

Samir H Bhatt

A solid mission statement is important for both the business’s target audience and employees. It acts as a framework – a kind of launching pad that the business can use to build its brand. As far as the target market goes, your mission statement is what makes you stand out from the competitors without limiting the purpose of the business.

Essentially, a business statement should answer two fundamental questions about the business:

  1. Why does the business exist?
  2. What makes the business different?

In this blog, Samir H Bhatt will discuss a few tips that will help you craft a mission statement that effectively answers these questions.

Tips for Writing a Mission Statement:

Tip 1 – Mention What Your Business Does:

The opening statement needs to be as simple as possible, and you should avoid getting into the details at this point. In fact, you can merely state the product that your company produces or the service that it offers. According to Samir H Bhatt, an example of a good yet simple opening statement can be: Our firm offers a range of digital marketing services and solutions.

Tip 2 – Talk about the Operations:

Once again, you do not need to get into the detailed specifics of your business operations but talk about them in general terms. A lot of businesses also cover their core values in this section of the mission statement.

You could come up with some core values already associated with your company and what it does. Below, Samir H Bhatt provides a few examples of such values:

  • Offering high-quality products or service
  • Delivering premium customer service
  • Preserving the environment
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Making natural resources more accessible
  • Practicing sustainable growth and development

It is best to mention a maximum of three core values. By incorporating too many values, you might end up confusing the message you are trying to convey. An example could be: Our firm offers a range of high-quality yet affordable digital marketing solutions and services.

Tip 3 – Talk About the Reason for Your Company’s Existence:

By including the reason behind establishing the company, you communicate the drive and passion that propel your business. This, according to Samir H Bhatt, helps you establish a stronger connection with your target audience

At this point, your mission statement could look something like this: Our firm offers a range of high-quality yet affordable digital marketing solutions and services for small businesses.

The ‘why’ portion of your mission statement helps you communicate how your business intends to benefit society and that you are driven by something more than just profits.

Final Word:

To sum up, a mission statement is not just the blueprint for your business planning; it is a mantra that needs to be wholeheartedly embraced by everyone within your organization and should be effectively communicated to all your stakeholders beyond it. Your mission statement should encourage customers to buy from you, and inspire employees to work for you.

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